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ATCommunication is reinventing itself. The world of communications is always moving and shaking, and new trends are par for the course. In order to stay highly competitive in the digital age, ATCommunication has decided to completely reconsider our brand identity.
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Media Relations The dna of ATCommunication

Constantly in the first position and up to date on new influencers that are appearing on the scene of information and capable of integrating tools and strategies of online and offline communication for maximum resonance.
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Be Social The marketing become social!

The Web is more social innovation that technical innovation. I designed it because he had a social impact, because it would help people to collaborate, and not as a tech toy. The ultimate goal of the Web is to improve our interconnected lives in the world. Tim Berners Lee
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ATCommunication, communication and marketing

We share your passions and translate your ideas into concrete messages


  • Media Relations

    ATCommunication and our Dna. Constantly in contact with the media, we offer permanent press office services for events or products.


  • Be Social

    Take advantage of social networks and the web as never before, to expand your fan base, acquire new clients and build loyalty with existing ones.


  • Web Design

    Content is king, design is queen. Poor Web design discourages many users who could otherwise be interested in your products or services.


  • Web Marketing

    We offer Search Engine Optimization and Web Advertising to provide you with exposure on the web and get you into first page in Google.




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Like an efficient squad, we make team work our strong point, working together and in synchronicity to reach our common goals: our client’s full satisfaction.
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Alessandro Tegner

Vitality and the ability to adapt to our clients’ needs are the attributes that make ATCommunication the perfect partner for companies that want to express themselves in the world of communication.

Alessandro Tegner

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    schermata-2016-11-28-alle-15-47-49ATCommunication signs the new RPM e-commerce
    RPM is revolutionizing its sales. The company from Montebelluna, which produces technical sports clothing for cycling, triathlon and running, has decided to improve its online store. We’ve created a technologically innovative e-store with a new graphic interface which will make surfing easier and more intuitive.


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