A.C. Belluno 1905

Client Description

A.C. Belluno 1905 is an amateur football association and the most important sport team in the province of Belluno. Its history is more than 100 years old, considering that the association was founded in 1905, under the name Olimpia. The team has been a stable presence in the D series championships for 8 years, although in its history the team can boast some years when it made it to the C series. In the 2013-2014 season, A.C. Belluno 1905 has made it to the D series championships and is proud to sponsor one of the best junior sectors in the province. In fact, more than 300 kids wear the yellow/blue jersey, from the Piccoli Amici to the National Juniors squad.


Project Description

ATCommunication serves as the press office for A.C. Belluno 1905, with daily mailings of press releases to the media and newsletters to sponsors and members of the C.d.A. ATCommunication manages the team’s internet site, www.acbelluno1905.it, with updates to all the sections, including news, photo galleries and Belluno TV. The press office also produces a weekly TV show, “Belluno Calcio in Rete”, that is broadcast on the Telebelluno and Teledolomiti channels. In addition to this, ATCommunication edits the A.C. Belluno 1905 official newspaper called “Fuorigioco”, which is then distributed in 3000 copies throughout the entire city of Belluno. We also create all the graphic support needed throughout the season, for example: annual subscriptions, leaflets with the team’s match schedules and any required paper materials like fliers and brochures. ATCommunication doesn’t just take care of all the team’s communication needs; we directly manage all the marketing for A.C. Belluno 1905 and maintain direct contacts with their sponsors.


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