Client Description

An historic brand in the Italian tradition of espresso coffee machines, Astoria enjoys an international dimension.  Astoria is a presence in 130 countries on five continents, with affiliates in the United States, France, Romania and India. The brand is synonymous with excellence, thanks to an industrial philosophy based on waste reduction and energy efficiency. The beating heart of Astoria’s production system is their main factory in Susegana. Designed and built according to the philosophy of “lean manufacturing”, it is actually the largest single factory for espresso coffee machines in the world. This is the plant that in 2009 produced the Plus4You, the “A class” in coffee machines, the top model in their Green Line, a revolutionary range of machines featuring reduced consumption and registered energy savings between 30% and 47.6%.


Project Description

ATCommunication is the agency of reference for the company’s press office and the brand’s digital strategy. In the web & mobile dimension we’ve conceived and developed the company blog (Blog.astoria.it), handled the restyling and management of the company website Astoria.com, coordinated social channels and launched the Astoria iPad app. All this in addition to a bimonthly newsletter in Italian and English. ATCommunication also helps with the development of coordinated materials and in the management of company photos and video shoots. We contribute consultancy services in the fields of sponsorships and product placement.


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