Buzzatti Combustibili

Client Description

Buzzatti Combustibili is one of the most important companies from Belluno in the field of energy. With over 40 years’ experience, it has always worked efficiently and reliably in the entire Province of Belluno and its environs, distributing diesel for heating, vehicular and agricultural purposes,  G.P.L. and a wide assortment of lubricating oils.
Buzzatti Combustibili was founded in 1969 with its first storage facility in Via Agordina, Sedico. Afterwards it also opened an establishment in Cencenighe Agordino, where it still operates today. In 2007 the company moved their historical headquarters to their new building in Via Belluno, which was built with the highest, most innovative safety standards to allow for the storage of G.P.L.
For the last several years, the company has been offering personalized archiving service for both paper and digital documents, with specific spaces set up specifically for such purposes.


Project Description

ATCommunication designed and developed their new website: www.buzzatticombustibili.it. It’s a modern internet site, particularly appealing and especially intuitive for anyone who wants to find out about the company’s core business. ATCommunication also oversaw a company photo shoot, which resulted in pictures that captured the main services offered by Buzzatti Combustibili.
ATCommunication produced a company brochure as well, dedicated entirely to the latest personalized service offered by the company: archive outsourcing.


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