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Client Description

At the heart of the Val di Fassa Events project is the drive to enhance and promote a series of sports events on the territory through singular, professional management that can give a new impulse to the touristic and economic activities of the valley, even in the seasons that see less visitors. It’s an association that encompasses all the competence, abilities and experience of all the participating organizing committees which have chosen to join forces in order to improve and optimize services, financial resources and experiential heritage. The 2014 schedule of events includes the Pizolada delle Dolomiti, Vertical Val dal Vent, Moena Ski Alp and Fassa Bike competitions.


Project Description

ATCommunication developed the website www.lapizolada.com, an information showcase for this historic mountaineer skiing race, which is also the final stage in the series called Circuito Scarpa – Coppa Italia di Sci-Alpinismo 2013-2014. We performed press office activities that supported and promoted the event as well. ATCommunication also provided support to Val di Fassa Events in web and media communication related to the Vertical Val del Vent event, which is part of the series called La Sportiva Vertical Trophy. The project for the website Fassaevents.com, created and developed by ATCommunication, organized these experiences according to an integrated logic, outlining the identity of the Val di Fassa Events network in a dynamic forum, featuring graphics with a high impact.


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