Client Description

Feinar furnishes accounts payable and accounting services for companies associated with Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti and Confartigianato Imprese Belluno. Feinar represents a new trend in the administrative management of personnel and accounting, with simpler, more efficient, innovative solutions and integrated consulting services developed for the future and custom created for each company. Feinar has forty years’ experience in distribution of accounts payable and related consulting, including accounting services and computer assistance, with a staff of more than 170 employees. Feinar operates with the efficiency of a company well prepared in its field, a company that knows how to intervene with flexibility to assist in any type of enterprise, from the smallest to the most complexly structured, anticipating individual needs and providing global administrative services supported by the most recent data technology.


Project Description

ATCommunication handles all aspects of Feinar’s communications and image. We manage both internal communication, with members’ newsletters, and external communications through the activities of a press office. ATCommunication also provides: creation and production of ad campaigns, planning and management of events (such as meetings and conventions), production of brochures, accessories and other materials through which Feinar presents the services and innovations it can offer its clients. ATCommunication is also in charge of news and web content for www.feinar.it, as well as marketing, public relations and everything that revolves around the realm of the company’s communications.


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