Client Description

Ryoma is an Italian holding company with the mission to create long term value through the efficient management and expansion of all its enterprises. The key factors of the company are the constant attention to results, strong support for all the companies controlled by their decisions, excellent and innovative products and services and company decisions that are socially and environmentally sustainable.
All these factors are added to their most important resource: people. Commitment, a sense of belonging and the creativity of all employees have always been key elements of the company and the essence of their cultural identity.


Project Description

ATCommunication has redefined the corporate identity of the company by creating a new logo and Set Identity. We have developed several new products to give the company a definite image that evokes its role as a holding company. The Set identity comprises the creation of the company logo as well as office materials like letterhead, envelopes and notebooks. The set was extended to more personal items like calling cards and personalized pens.

Every element is coordinated in the same style and with the same design in order to present a coherent and solid company image.



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